Infant Communication – Baby Sign Language

The proven step by step method to kick starting multilingual language development and teaching your baby how to communicate with you before they can speak.

Why learn infant communication via Baby Sign Language?

All parents want the best for their children.

We want the closest bond we can have, we want to enjoy spending time with them and we want them to have everything they need from day one to enjoy a life of success and happiness.

But parenting can be hard

There comes the moment when our small babies know what they want but they lack the means to tell us. Can you remember the last time your baby was crying? What did you do? Probably you went through a mental check list; Could they be hungry? Maybe they want milk? When was the last nappy change?

What if there was a way to understand much better what your baby needs so that you can respond appropriately and avoid some of the crying and frustration?

Your baby can communicate with you before they can speak. Let’s find out how. 

Benefits of signing with your baby

  • You can build a closer bond and better understand their needs and wants leading to the close relationship you dream of
  • You can enjoy your time together more, reducing the need for crying via clearer communication
  • You can help your baby develop cognitively, giving them a head start with vocabulary building and laying the foundation for reading. Wonderful for all families, especially good for multilingual families

Who is this course for?

Infant Communication works best for families with babies between 0 and 24 months.

When designing this course I had the following people in mind:

  • New parents who are excited about building a close bond with their baby.
  • Someone who believes their baby has a lot to communicate and cannot wait to hear what they want to say.
  • International multilingual families. After all, the majority of families in the world speak more than one language at home. Signing can create a bridge between languages, help with building vocabulary and makes bringing up a multilingual child that bit easier.

I know that new parents are tired, busy and time starved. I certainly was when my kids were babies! That’s one of the reasons I prepared this course. Everything has been put together in a way that you can use just 10 minutes a week to learn how to improve communication with your baby. You do not need to do any research, spend hours finding decent resources or worry about getting completely confused or overwhelmed. Everything you need to make this a success for your family has been organised for you in easy bite-sized chunks of information.

You can look forward to enjoying your precious time with your baby more. With Infant Communication there will be less crying and fussing in your home and much more fun. All of the videos on this course are less than 10 minutes long. It’s so easy to take action on no matter how little spare time your baby lets you have.

Who is this course not for?

The most challenging thing with baby sign language is making sure you are consistent day in, day out. This course is not for people who try out something new for a week or so and then give up if they don’t see quick results. The good news is that each module on this course has been prepared to fit into a busy schedule. Each video is less than 10 minutes long. After learning the basics you can choose from themes that will support your baby’s interests and keep you motivated. I have even prepared a Quick Start video that helps you learn your first 5 signs in less than 3 minutes!

I am convinced that learning baby sign language can be an amazing help to a child with learning delays or disabilities and I hope you find that to be true. However, I am not a health professional. This course is not a replacement for ongoing medical support from an appropriately qualified therapist.

Please note that Infant Communication is a parenting tool based on modified signs from the British and American sign languages (BSL and ASL). The intention is that you use this course to improve communication with your baby during their infancy within your family unit, with extended family and caregivers to your baby. Although Infant Communication is a good introduction to the concept of communicating using signs and could lay a foundation for continuing to learn a regional sign language, it is not intended for families who wish to learn an actual language like BSL or ASL right away.



What’s included?

Everything you need to know for infant communication to be a success for your family…and more!
BONUS: Super Quick Start Video

In less than 3 minutes get started with baby sign language. Learn the 5 most useful signs and when to use them.

BONUS: Helpful Email Reminder Series

Receive email reminders for the first few weeks to help you remember to use the 5 most useful signs. Consistency is very important with infant communication. Families that don’t experience success are those who do not regularly sign with their baby. Let me help you build that habit!

BONUS: Signs Index / Check List

Print out this handy list of all the signs you will learn. Use it as a reference and tick off signs as you learn them. There is a separate column to check off when your baby signs back to you!

BONUS: Newborn Pack

A set of 3 infographics to help you understand your newborn’s body language. Are they tired? Are they hungry? Do they need to pee/poo? Learn the common signs to look for and you’ll be able to respond to their needs before they start crying.


Find out about the Infant Communication method for learning baby sign language and how to use it to guarantee success.

Module 1 Family

Learn all the signs to refer to the most important people in your baby’s life.

Module 2 Food

Get started with some basic signs to use when offering your baby something to eat. And to help them ask for what they want without having to cry or get frustrated.

Module 3 Manners

You can help your baby learn their manners right from the start, learn signs for please and thank you and to help you deal with potty training.

Modules 4 - 6 Getting ready

Learn all the signs you need to get your day off to a good start, for getting dressed and for the bedtime routine.

Modules 7 - 9 Going out

Whether you’re preparing to visit family, the park or the doctor, and whatever the weather, here are all the signs you’ll need to get out the door and have some fun.

Modules 10-11 Mealtimes

Here you’ll learn signs that will be very useful when sitting down to meals. Help your baby sign for their favourite food.

module 12 Playtime

Playing together with your baby is one of the best things ever. Learn the signs you need to make it a great success!

Regular Reviews

Repetition is crucial to learning the signs. Watch the review videos and test yourself, can you remember them all? Make sure you have mastered them before moving on to a new module.

“I just wanted to let you know that we've been practicing a lot with our little one and he is signing back to us!!! It has been an amazing journey to see him get to this point.”

— Laura, South Holland, The Netherlands

“Aiden signs milk, more, bed! It was so exciting to see it work... she is now starting to talk more but thank you for introducing it to us so early on. I tell all the new mums how great it is to do.”

— Celien, South Holland, The Netherlands


I really want you to get the best out of this course. To help with this I have created a members-only Facebook group where you can share your progress, success stories and ask questions.

  • Get support.
  • Work along with other families.
  • Be accountable.

Who am i?

I’m Roya, I’m a mum of two and I live in the Netherlands. I grew up in London and studied to become a teacher of English as a foreign language gaining a qualification from the University of Cambridge ESOL. I have lived and worked in several European countries and mostly specialised in teaching business English. Now I run my own language school in South Holland, The English Voice Academy. When my children were born I rediscovered sign language and realised its potential for our family. It was an amazing success with our son and I couldn’t wait to share what I’d learnt with other families.

I started teaching baby sign language workshops locally. After 6 years of supporting many international families and seeing first-hand the benefits that this simple parenting tool was bringing to so many parents and babies, I decided it was time to make Infant Communication available to as many people as I could. I started preparing this course while pregnant with my second baby, you might notice my bump in some of the videos! We had another wonderful experience signing with our little girl and finally, just after she turned 2, I was finally ready to launch this course.

How much is the course?

I have spent 6 years helping hundreds of families with their communication. I have gathered information, prepared resources and gained a lot of experience. I have put together this course so that you can benefit from all this knowledge immediately without having to spend years figuring out how to make baby sign language work for your family.

this course is available for $197

Looking around online can be very overwhelming and a huge waste of time. I know you are busy and tired and I want you to be able to access the information you need right now. And only exactly what you need, nothing more, nothing less. By enrolling in this course you will save time and money. There is no need to go anywhere, get lost in Pinterest or wait for flash cards and DVDs to arrive in the post.

Payment Plan

For this promotion of my course during a very difficult and uncertain time (we’re under Corona restrictions and I suspect you are too) I am offering instant access to the whole package, including all the bonuses, on a 6 installment payment plan. I really want you to be able to have the best possible start to parenting even in these strange crisis days. Check out the offer below.

Money back Guarantee

I am so convinced that this course will get you communicating better with your baby that I am prepared to offer you a no-questions-asked guarantee. Just send me an email requesting your money back within 30 days. Done.

Stop searching and start learning!


infant communication Baby Sign Language Course

Get started today and enjoy less fussing and more fun with your baby!

One Time Payment


Pay in full now

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  • Instant lifetime access to the entire 12 module video course (including all future updates)
  • 4 x Bonuses:
    • Quick Start Video
    • Email Reminder Series
    • Signs Index / Check List
    • Newborn Pack
  • Access to members only Facebook group
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Payment Plan


6 monthly installments of $40

This limited time offer ends soon

  • Instant lifetime access to the entire 12 module video course (including all future updates)
  • 4 x Bonuses:
    • Quick Start Video
    • Email Reminder Series
    • Signs Index / Check List
    • Newborn Pack
  • Access to members only Facebook group
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Complete Package


Pay in full now

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  • Instant lifetime access to the entire 12 module video course (all updates)
  • All 4 x Bonuses
  • Access to members only Facebook group
  • 4 x half hour online sessions with Roya: Ask questions, trouble shoot, get accountability and motivation These sessions can be scheduled when it suits you best, to be used within one year of the purchase date

The ultimate recipe for success!

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No Risk - 30 Day Guarantee - Your Money Back No Questions Asked


Do I get access to the entire course straight away?

Yes! Do one module per week or binge watch the whole lot in one sitting. Your choice.

How long do I get access for?

You get lifetime access, take as long as you need to work through the course.

Is there a refund policy?

Yes, I will refund you within 30 days no questions asked. Just shoot me an email and I’ll sort that out for you.

If I have a questions during the course, how can I get answers?

You can ask in our members only Facebook group. Or you can send an email and I’ll help you out.

Will I receive anything in the mail or is it all online?

Everything you need to succeed (and more!) is included in this online course. You will not receive anything at home.

Do you update the course? If so do I get updates?

I plan to update the course regularly in response to feedback I get from all you lovely participants. In fact since I first launched this course in June 2020 I have already updated course materials and added a set of infographics to support parents with newborns. You will receive all future updates for no additional charge.

How many signs will we learn?

You will learn more than 100 signs that you can use to build two-way communication with your non-verbal baby. This first version of the course has 125 signs presented to you by video. If you want to learn more signs after these, wonderful! I explain how to do that in the Extras section. But honestly, 100 signs is more than enough to enjoy successful communication with an infant.

How do I know this course is for me?

Are you an adult who takes care of a baby between 0 and 24 months old?

If yes, this course is for you!

How much time do I need to take this course?

You will get the best results if you work on the course regularly. But I know that you are busy and life is complicated with a baby in the family so I have designed the course in such a way that you can go at your own pace.

I suggest that you schedule about 30 minutes each week. In this time you can:

  • Do a module – 10 minutes
  • Take some notes – 5 minutes (optional)
  • Check in to our member’s only Facebook group – 10 minutes (optional)
  • Keep up with the email reminders – 5 minutes (optional).

Of course to get results you need to apply what you learn consistently everyday by signing with your baby, but you are talking to them anyway so this doesn’t take up any extra time in your life.

What form does this course take?

It is a video course, you will learn everything via downloadable videos. There are also links to external useful information/resources. And infographic images.

Can I download the material to study offline?

Yes, the videos are downloadable and therefore available to you offline.

What variety of sign language will I learn?

I teach Infant Communication, which is a parenting tool. We use an international baby sign language based on ASL and BSL (American and British Sign Language). This method is better than regular baby sign language because you can start from birth. Signs have been modified/simplified to allow very small babies (less than a year old) to communicate before they can speak. It’s so great for multilingual families to help their babies get a head start!

Does it work? Is it worth it?

I’ll let my FB group members respond to this one:

Does it work?

‘Hey all, I’ve been a little absent here for a while but I’m happy to report that our little one has started to copy me signing milk earlier!! Oh my, I’m so proud and excited!!! Finally!! 🙌🙌 gonna revisit the course material to include as many signs into our days as possible. We can proper communicate now – Yay!! Thank you Roya!’  – Tina

Is it worth it?

‘Worth it?! Without a doubt! My 18m old son is so well equipped to communicate and therefore is such a content little man. He gets so excited when he signs for something and I can respond to his needs eg, wanting his blankie, to drink, to eat, to ride his bike, to get his toys that are out of reach etc. I don’t know if it’s his ability to sign or just how he would be regardless but compared to his peers, he is far more relaxed and happy. People often comment on this. His peers are starting to have tantrums and I think this is then trying to exert control (or frustration at their lack of control) but I think because my son already has a reasonable amount of say over his life, he doesn’t have tantrums and can communicate before his needs get so extreme he can’t manage his feeling. I wish this was something all parents did and that it was taught at all prenatal courses! It’s the best thing ever! I credit his great nature to signing! It’s a game changer!’ – Jane