Welcome back!



Great to see you back again!

Remember to schedule at least half an hour a week to improve communication with your baby.

  • 10 minutes to watch a module
  • 5 minutes to make notes or prepare reminders to use the signs with your baby (post it notes or phone alarms)
  • 5 minutes to check in to our private member’s only Facebook group – share your success and get accountability
  • 10 minutes to keep up with the email reminders so you can build the habit of signing every day (you will receive these for the first few weeks of your course only)

Tips for success:

  • Make sure to incorporate signs whenever you can in your daily life. Be consistent. This won’t take up extra time because you talk to your baby everyday anyway
  • Watch videos several times to help you learn the signs
  • Make good use of the module review videos
  • Don’t forget to download the course outline and signs index – you can print it and tick off signs as you and your baby learn them!
  • Participate in our Facebook group, we can motivate each other