Create a strong bond with your new baby

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I’m sure Dr Nina Bogerd has been looking after you during your new adventure of becoming a parent.

Free Workshop Replay – Offered to you in Collaboration with Birth Your Way. 

Find out about Infant Communication, a wonderful parenting tool based on baby sign language. Learning how to read your baby’s body language from birth means you’ll be able tell if they are hungry or tired before they start crying. You can enjoy less fussing and more fun together. Focusing on communication using baby sign language boosts language development in multilingual children; it bridges the languages beautifully.

In this free workshop you will:

  • Hear my story and how signing was a game changer for my family
  • Find out about the benefits of focusing on communication with your multilingual baby
  • Discover how your preverbal baby can tell you clearly what they need and want
  • Learn the 5 most useful signs to start with

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