Congratulations ON YOUR NEW BABY!

Let’s make a plan

How will you use your family languages with your new baby?

Preparing now will help you know which languages to use and when so your baby successfully grows up multilingual.

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How many languages do you use?

If you’re a family with 2 or more languages you’re probably wondering how to use your mother tongue, your partner’s first language and perhaps a different community language with your baby when they are born.

How do you start? How do you make sure not to neglect a language so your parents can enjoy communicating with their grandchild? It’s important your baby can have meaningful relationships with your family and friends back home, right?

I struggled with these questions when I was pregnant too because we use 4 languages in our family. I’m Roya and we had our two babies while living abroad.

I found that focusing on communication with our babies from within the womb changed everything! 

You can create a strong bond with your baby from within the womb, understand their needs and wants and parent with joy and confidence.

Your multilingual child will feel at home in all their cultures, be close to family abroad and enjoy the opportunities of an international lifestyle.

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